GitHub Actions + Power Automate + Teams

GitHub Actions

  1. Get all the issues in the repository that are marked as important
  2. Pass those issues to a Power Automate flow
  3. The flow then posts a message in a Teams channel and sends a notification

Power Automate

  1. Edit the “Post issues in a Team channel” step in the flow to point to the required Team and channel.
  2. Save the flow so that it generates the HTTP POST URL in the first step. Please copy this URL as it will be needed later.

GitHub workflow

  1. Run the workflow on every Monday at 9AM
  2. While running
  • Use latest version of Ubuntu OS
  • Calls a GitHub action (anoopt/get-issues-and-call-flow) which will
  • Get all the issues that are open and have the label as ‘bug’
  • Build an object to hold all the issues and some other information
  • Post all the issues to the flow we created earlier
  1. Line number 16 — At the moment this says ‘bug’ which means we get the issues that are labelled with ‘bug’. If a different label is needed, please change this accordingly.
  2. Line number 18 — Please enter the flow HTTP POST URL that was copied in the previous section.

Performing a quick test

Other options for workflow

Details of the GitHub Action





Microsoft MVP. M365 Developer Architect at Content+Cloud.

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Microsoft MVP. M365 Developer Architect at Content+Cloud.

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